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The NWISA promotes the study of sociology and sociological problems in the states of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir and the Union Territory of Chandiagrh. The aim of the association is to promote interaction and exchange of ideas among the scholars carrying out sociological studies in the states and the Union Territory specified above. Know more...

Office Bearers

Dr. Bhup Singh Gaur

Dr. Mohinder Slariya

Dr. Manoj Kumar

President's Desk

Dear colleagues,

It is with your support and goodwill that I got an opportunity to serve as the President of NWISA (North West Indian Sociological Association) and I thank you for this honour bestowed on me. I have a vision for the nation as a whole not just for the affiliated states. With the development, growing technology and mammoth steps taken by the nation to build a new Indian who is born from the soil of motherland yet has coped with the technology with a vision to rule. We orient our self to build a nation of the people as whole without any caste issues, any disparities or inequality. We demand for equity not equality and that could be achieved only by social and social and political fraternity.

The society enters into a new phase of its transits with the entry of many new members, most of whom represent the whole new generation of sociologist, who would bear the torch of society for the future to come. I would like to lay special thrust on seclusion of mankind under a single roof supported by the pillars of societies resembling the growing researches in sociology and its researches in sociology and its widen scope for the future to come. With your involvement and cooperation, I am at making NWISA focal point for strengthening the discipline of sociology in India. I would work to the best of my ability for the future growth of this institution with your support. I request you to kindly maintain a continuous channel of communication with NWISA.

With warm wishes and best regards.

Prof. Bhup Singh Gaur
President NWISA


All conveners of RCs are requested to give write-up and complete the form at the earliest .

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