Previous Conferences
Sl No. Period Venue Theme
1. 18-May-1997 - 20-May-1997 HP University, Shimla Development Experience of North West India : Issues and Challenges
2. 01-Feb-1998 - 03-Feb-1998 M D University, Rohtak Culture and Change in North West India
3. 27-Mar-1999 - 29-Mar-1999 Haryana Agriculture University, Hissar Crisis of Agrarian Transformation in the North West India
4. 20-Oct-2000 - 21-Oct-2000 Jammu University, Jammu
5. 05-Nov-2001 - 07-Nov-2001 Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar Challenges of Globalization and Social Dynamics in the North West
6. 29-Nov-2002 - 30-Nov-2002 Panjab University, Chandigarh Marginalised Groups in North West India : Change and Response
7. 11-Nov-2005 - 12-Nov-2005 H P University, Shimla Population transition in North-West India
8. 16-Nov-2006 - 17-Nov-2006 Punjab Agriculture University, Ludhiana State, Market and Agrarian Structure in North West India
9. 18-Dec-2008 - 19-Dec-2008 Panjab University, Chandigarh Social Exclusion and Uneven Development
10. 31-May-2009 - 31-May-2009 University of Kashmir, Srinagar Diversity, Democracy and Development : A focus on North West India
11. 03-Apr-2011 - 04-Apr-2011 MDU, Rohtak Challenges of Social Development in North-West India
12. 23-Nov-2012 - 24-Nov-2012 SCVB Government College, Palampur District Kangra (HP) Culture, Politics and Ethnicity : Emerging Issues in North Wst India
13. 27-Oct-2017 - 28-Oct-2017 Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, Punjab Emerging Trends in Inequalities : Caste, Class and Gender in North West India