A Refereed Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences

Publication Policy

As resolved in the meeting of the Editorial Board of the journal held on 21st June, 2017 the following publication policy was approved for the journal.

The journal tries to encourage the writers to contribute papers related to issues of social relevance. However, the articles which are sent with the undertaking that they are unpublished earlier and the author is fully responsible for the legal issues related to plagiarism etc are allowed to be published.

The manuscripts or joint contributions are received by Chief Editor of the journal, who in turn forwards for review the members of Advisory Board and Editorial Board act as list of referees. The chief editor may send the articles to any other experts which may not be the part of advisory and editorial board. The reviewers are required to satisfy themselves regarding the originality, cohesiveness and relevance of the matter written in the research paper/article. The identity of the author is kept confidential during the complete review process.

On the basis of comments of referees, the article is either accepted, rejected or sent back for modification/changes. The NWISA, however, reserves the right to delete/remove any of the articles which violates its ethical policy at any stage before or after publication.

Publication Charges

No publication or processing charges are levied on the contributors.and complaint related to any such practice at any stage of publication may be directly sent to Chief Editor, who is bound to bring the matter to the Executive Committee of NWISA.